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About the Artist

My passion and fascination with capturing human emotion has been with me from the time I was little. Early in my art-life I used to create tiny stick figures on post-it notes at my kitchen table, each with an expressive movement to share a feeling and unique story. (Yes, my mom still has most of those post-its!) To this day my goal is always to move someone and evoke a feeling through my art. Whether it be through a unique interpretation of color or a connection to the depth of one's eyes, I aim to find a way to respectfully share a person's story.     


Currently I am pursuing my Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from Syracuse University as an Illustration Major. Abe's Portrait Shop was born out of necessity (to give me something meaningful to do) during the COVID-19 pandemic while quarantined in our New Jersey home. I look forward to bringing joy to people during this complicated time by providing them with a portrait specific to them.  

Thank you for visiting this page and please contact me if you are interested in commissioning a portrait.

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